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Answering to a PVS message - it was Monday - I'd like to add some considerations.

In my opinion, what he says is absolutely True, true.
If i had to buy such a saloon - speaking about new - that would be the price.

Not to speak about non reduced insurance costs of a new car.

There is a story i want to tell tou, maybe you' re interested.
I have some rovers, an alfa romeo  Giulia super 1300 but, for my everyday use here in Rome, I also have an old Bmw 318 i, coupè, 1987, metal bumpers, before restyling.
I have had it 19 years, and nowadays it is a rare car having been procuded for two or three years.

It is not a rolls or a ferrari, but nowadays it is very rare  because of the bumpers in the colour of the car ( not chrome, like before, and not plastic, like post 88 cars ) and because of some particulars of the interior you do not find on other cars (  IS steering wheel, normal seats with IS cloth, and some sport particulars) .
Then, biggest part of IS were 320, so a 318 is little but rarer.

I had a  an accident, I had to change: 2 wings, front bumper, front spoiler, bonnet and one of the four lights.

I wanted and I want  to keep this car, because I like it very much, so I decided to restore it 

For a lucky case, this summer, coming back from my seaside house, I passed in a street in the surrounds of Udine where there are some scrapeyards I had visited several times but without any success.
Passing through buy car I had a look in a park behind a building,  and I saw a Bmw e 30 car.
I wanted to have a look and I found an abandoned E 30 car, nowadays a rare view in italy: an incredible case, 100 meters far from the scrapeyards I had visited!!!
I maaged to find the name of the owner from the number plate.
This car is a 316 i, 1984, absolutely normal but for me a  perecious part car.I had it  for free.

Now, this gave me the possibility to start another restoration, this time I hope cheaper than rover, avoiding Bmw dealers, who do not like to restore these cars and ask you high prices for everything.

These are the expenses till now:
550 euros mechanic fore reparations with old parts, new water pump, new - old radiator plus oil change ; 
120 euros two new old - wings of the right colour on e- bay germany, bought not to see the difference with the doors and to avoid to repaint the whole car;
60 euros two new - old external mirrors of the right colour  on e- bay germany; 
220 euros for 4 new Monroe shock absorbers ( I decided to change them for the occasion; original Bmw are 650 euros, more or less );
10 + 15 euros for the spark plugs, of the wrong ( NBK) and of ther right ( bosch) kind;
13,5 euros for air filter;
30 euros, more od less, for the new alternator belt;
Maybe 400 euros for the coachbuilder ( new old bonnet to repaint and new central part of the bumper to repaint, which costs more or less 120 euros); 

At the end, more or less 1550 euros for a 21 years old car euro 0, it means zero ( no emission reduction) whose value is a fraction.

But it is mine and will be still mine.

A new bmw coupè would cost more or less 25000 euros, and such a restoration maybe 4000... Or more... 

You can undestand me, also if i tell you I'm going to get a bmw e30 saloon in good conditions, car which a member of the Bmw youngtimer forum  would like to give me...

  A passion is a passion... 

At home in udine I' ve got a Peugeot 307 1800 , but this car belongs to my family... And I don not feel such a passion...
Best regards, Gianluca.


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As I see it, I can pay $60000 for a new vehicle that is something like a Rover for quality, with annual services of $2k or so, or I can restore/keep happy a 40yo Rover for $2k per year or less.
Which is cheaper?


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