[ROVERNET - UK] Rover built on Wednesday

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Fri Jan 4 22:10:17 GMT 2008

David Sheuring wrote:
> I have to thank George Phelps for this car that Glen
> refers to as"that old piece of junk" he wanted me to
> "give" to him.
I'm not sure I ever referred to it as "that old piece of junk." I seem 
to recall using the phrase "that crummy old blue thing." It's possible 
that I said "that crummy old blue piece of junk" but I don't think I 
actually said that. Either way, it was purely a shrewd negotiating move 
on my part...

"Old Blue" is a rather nice old thing. Won't win the Concours 
D'elegance, but a nice solid car that no one had messed with much. I was 
surprised when I actually saw it in North Carolina because it was one of 
about three TC's that George had bought for not very much money at all. 
 From what I had heard via email from George, I had pictured your 
typical wasted 2000TC, not a running example that even looked pretty 
nice. I think I must have processed George's straight talk about the car 
through my "guy selling a car" filter. Of course, George was buying all 
of the derelict P6s on the east coast at that time, and appeared to be 
somewhat batty from a distance. He later bought my two 3500S project 
cars. I'm not sure, but I think he's sold all of the cars on, now, and 
might have at least broken even on all of it. If I had actually seen 
"Old Crummy Blue," I'm pretty sure it would have gotten the hooks in me 
and ended up in my garage. If you ever run across George Phelps, he's 
very good people.

I was in NC for my son's college graduation and stopped by to see David. 
Since David was considering buying another car that I had given him a 
lead to, I suggested that he give me "that crummy old blue thing" as a 
finder's fee. Unfortunately, David wasn't born yesterday, or even last week.



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