[ROVERNET - UK] Happy new year

denlet denlet at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 6 11:31:41 GMT 2008

Bonjour de France,

I wish you a very happy new year, I hope that we will find a lot of Rover (
an another cars ) .
Eric , I put on Yahoo some pictures: you can see some pics on my work on
carb or rear brake.
A pic shows my trailer Notin 1968 ( a very famous factory since 1930 and
still  alive but to build motorhome ) with my rover P6 1973 V8.
I am member of a french club RCCF (wwww.rccf.net) who organise a big meeting
one time per year in a country of Europe.Next year in Germany,2007 in
Holland, 2006 in Switzerland.You can see my paper on our website: title is
"Slagaren" ,300 teams come from a lot of europeen countries.
For my rover P6 I meet a problem :it's impossible to find in GB piston ring
of 2 mm hight.I find them in USA to DEVES.The SD1 have piston ring 1.7 mm
.Do you know this  problem?
You can see a pic of a rover P3 take in a street in Egypte by a friend ,
pilot on Boeing.Is it a collector or a today car?
Thank you for this forum on rover:I like it.I learn english , find technical
advices, I see good pics on very beautiful rover.
This forum is quiet , clean, not like another one with a lot of bad  things
like pub, spam, etc....
Of course I don't understand the discussion on "prison" and on nuts!!!!
Please don't forget:I try to find a large Webasto sliding sunroof for the

    au revoir       denis

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