[ROVERNET - UK] Re: rovernet Digest, Vol 62, Issue 5

denlet denlet at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 6 19:51:01 GMT 2008


Thank you John , but this sunroof on ebay is a little too small.
The size of the right sunroof are about 1000 X 1200 mm.

Garrett: can you send me  the size of your sunroof ,in a first time,perhaps
directly to my email address: denlet at wanadoo.fr

    au revoir       denis

> Hello Dennis,
>    I live in Maine in the north eastern part if the USA.  I have a 1960s
> Webasto roof from a Rover P6 and would sell it if you want it.  It is in the
> condition that I bought it in about 10 years ago.  There is no cloth top but
> the metal tracks, corner brackets and the frame is there.  There is some of
> the wood frame which attaches inside the car's roof but it would need to be
> remade.  I removed it from a rusty Rover 2000 myself.  I paid $300 for it but
> will sell it for $200 plus shipping if you are interested.  Garrett Bourque 98
> Bunker Hill Road Jefferson, Maine 04348

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