[ROVERNET - UK] Went to see the P5B Coupe in Turlock, California...

Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 13 22:49:32 GMT 2008

Hi Rovernetters,

Well, I couldn't resist a P5B Coupe so close to home so I went to see it this morning.  My impressions:

- Straight and original, but tired.  Rust in both ends of both rockers/sills.  Possibly some rust at the base of the windshield, it was a bit hard to tell.  I think those of you in the UK would probably consider the rust very minor.  Has been partly repainted at some time and some of the paint is checked and crazed.  Needs lots of body rubber.
- Leather is surprisingly still flexible, but has shrunk and split seams.  Interior generally tired, in need of full replacement.
- New or rebuilt steering box is installed but column is not connected, and the pitman arm seems to have gone AWOL.
- Engine is free but car has obviously not run in many years. Mechanical condition unknown.  Air cleaner is in the trunk (aren't they always?) but looks intact otherwise.
- Chrome trim is fair, with a bit of pitting.  Bumpers are a bit bent, probably repairable.  Grille is missing some slats, though I have a spare.
- Lots of bits and pieces in the trunk, some of which are for other Rovers.  
- Webasto roof needs new fabric but the bones look decent.  I didn't try to open it.
- Would undoubtedly need complete brake system rebuild to make it a driver.  

A question for you folks across the pond:  Based on this description, what would the likely value of this car be in its home market?  It is a right-hand-drive car, by the way, not LHD.  With an asking price of $1500, (about 750 pounds at current exchange rate) should I be turning up tomorrow with cash in hand, or should I be running the other way even if the car was free?

All input appreciated -



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