[ROVERNET - UK] Land rover with a rover P4 110 engine- help me fin d parts

Linus Tremaine travellak1 at netzero.net
Mon Jan 14 03:34:24 GMT 2008

Hi kent,
Thanks  you for your insight. I happen to have the book already, but I will mention it to any other rover NADA people I know.

I am familiar with JR wadhams but have not been able to contact them by email. I cannot tell from their website what parts are for the suffix b westlake head and the standard. 

All I need is a darn valve cover gasket really. And perhaps new valve guides and rocker bushes. They also dont list any part numbers so I couldnt be certain that the engines were the same.

If you do have the same head, let me know. I may be interested in it.


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