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I agree Adrian, the cost of restoring a P5 when you include leather, Rostyles, carpets alone runs into many thousands of pounds but I think it applies to any marque that the cost of restoration never seems to be matched by the final value. 

Yes P5's are offered for £10,000 + but are they ever sold? 

I went to look at a local Ebay car which had a reserve of £2500 on Ebay, the leather was split and cracked, the carpets poor and the rear door wouldn't shut without lifting. The paint was ok from a distance but poor when looked at closely, chrome was rough.

How on earth can it be worth £2500 when a very nice car, not perfect but overall nice and useable can be bought for under £5000 and occassionally under £4000.

I think Ebay does show what people are prepared to offer for a car but bidding i find usually runs out of steam well below £2000 unless the car is clearly exceptional, wether its a fair representation I guess we'll never know but it does show what non-reserve  sellers are asking but agree you cannot be certain what the eventual outcome will be.

alan francis (partviking)

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I would question whether eBay pricing is reflective of the market as a
whole; how many auctions are actually carried through by either seller
or buyer at these prices and how many cars are sold outside eBay
rather closer to the original asking price?

I guess much may depend on what you mean by "slightly" scruffy; worn
leather can look scruffy but often can be restored and recoloured
without a lot of expense but usually with a good deal of effort;
rechroming, refinishing wood or re-carpeting on the other hand is
usually a rather more expensive proposition if it is to be done well.
Have you looked at the price of refurbishing Rostyles for example?


>  If you're prepared to check out all the websites good examples can still be obtained for £3000 and whilst not perfect I would not describe any of the aformentioned parts on these cars as 'scruffy' though I accept they may need some work.

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