[ROVERNET - UK] Getting IOE blocks properly machined

Kent Kinard kentkinard at verizon.net
Thu Jan 17 15:25:58 GMT 2008

Hi Linus,
About rebuilds.  My old machinist in San Antonio has rebuilt several 
Land Rover IOE's.  We had a conversation several years ago about the 
lack of IOE style torque plates in the US.  He felt that they were no 
longer as important for the rebuild of these engines because modern 
machining methods use the crankshaft centerline as the data point.  I am 
still of the opinion that the availability of an IOE style torque plate 
is important to an IOE rebuild.  If, at some point, a rebore and new 
pistons do become necessary,  you may want to explore these issues.  
Most of us saloon owners are happy if our IOE's don't have a death 
rattle.  Land Rover owners faced with the necessity of reliable 
performance in the middle of nowhere have to take these issues much more 
seriously.  Cost of IOE rebuilds is very high and many LR owners in the 
US would rather swap to a domestic engine than do a rebuild.

Kent K.

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton wrote:
> Linus
> I have a feeling that most IOE rebuilds in recent memory have owed
> more to home gargae ingenuity than paid workmen. at least on this side
> of the water
> I would talk to West Coast British in Livermore; they will at least
> recognise the engine for what it is which is more than most places can
> say.
> http://www.offroadexperience.com/wcb/index.html
> Aidrian
>> Do any of you have suggestions for a person experienced with this type of engine? Hopefully in California somewhere? It is currently at the land rover engine rebulider, but he has never done one and is taking forever just to tell us what we need to buy. Its been there at least six months without having even been dismantled.
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