[ROVERNET - UK] Getting IOE blocks properly machined

Kent Kinard kentkinard at verizon.net
Fri Jan 18 04:13:06 GMT 2008

Hi Linus,
The tool is called a "Jig block, cylinder boring" part number 261288.  
According to the Special Tools section of the service manual it "enables 
standard boring equipment to be used on sloping head engines."  Strictly 
speaking, it is not a "torque plate".  The purpose of a torque plate is 
to allow the block to be stressed and distorted as it would be when the 
cylinder head is bolted to it, yet still be open at the top to allow 
machining to be done (boring and/or honing).  The tool listed could 
perform that function but was really designed as a boring bar adapter in 
the days when cylinders were machined by bolting the boring bar to the 
the upper block deck.  I have never seen this tool nor do I know of 
anyone who has one.  Most modern engines should not be machined without 
a torque plate bolted to the deck to properly distort the block.  It 
probably doesn't make any difference on an IOE.  Blocks are no longer 
bored with a bar that takes its register from the top deck.

If I had studied a little more before popping off, I could have answered 
my own question, I suppose.

Bottom line...don't worry about it.

Kent K.
Linus Tremaine wrote:
> All,
> I dont have the experience you folks do with the IOE engine. What exactly is a torque plate?
> And the million dollar question that I have to ask now is who has one?!?
> L
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