[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S project/parts car and 2000TC parts for sale in New York State

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Sun Jan 20 23:29:59 GMT 2008

The owner of a 3500S that is at least a good parts car and maybe a 
project car is moving and needs to sell the car and some 2000TC parts.  
The car has been in a metal shed that keeps most of the weather out.  It 
looks like it had some better panels put on and some suspect body work 
done before a quick paint job some ?? years ago.  Some of the 2000 parts 
have been in good dry storage in the loft of a barn and some have been 
in shed that's not so good.

There are also three 2000TC parts cars that have been rotting away 
outside for years and the glass is long gone, so everything inside and 
out is very rough.  These cars should probably be left for the junk man, 
but there may be a few parts worth salvaging from them, partly depending 
on what turns out to be under the hoods of two of them -- they are 
covered in a huge mass of brambles.

Stephen Beer has known of these cars for a while and and the owner has 
asked him to help dispose of them -- he has posted photos on his website 
http://beerinc.com/3500s/      I have additional photos of many of the 
2000TC parts.

Stephen lives in Milan, NY near Rhinebeck and Red Hook and the cars are 
about 10 miles away.   The situation is challenging in that the owner 
wants to get some money out the collection, but also wants to dispose of 
it quickly.  Stephen is reachable at stephen at beerinc.com

--Steve Manwell

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