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A real likely suspect is the "O" Ring between the cylinder head & the
block. I would wipe things as clean as possible then crank the engine &
watch the rear of the cyl. head. If thats it, the you must remove the head
and while you're in there, ck the head for coolant "etching" from the
waterways toward the combustion chamber and also ck the valves. It's one of
those Rover things. Good hunting.

Fritz Rauschenberg
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> From: Gordon Harrower <griffo at comcast.net>
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> Date: 1/23/2008 10:03:38 AM
> Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Leaky TC
> My '68  TC has developed a strong oil leak that appears to originate 
> from the "Rear cover plate" (528106) at the back of the cylinder head. 
> It's bad enough that I lose half a quart of oil every couple weeks, and 
> am getting lots of oil slicks on my driveway.  Is this a familiar 
> problem for anyone?  Is it a typical TC problem?  In any case I'm 
> looking for the "joint washer," i.e. gasket, (566850) that goes under 
> the plate, although I guess I can make one if I have to.
> Gordon.
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