[ROVERNET - UK] St-range rover P5 on e- bay

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 23:59:48 GMT 2008

>>Splendid, fantastic masterpiece<<

Fantastic, yes but I'll seek the advice of counsel on the "splendid"
and "masterpiece" parts...

Interesting that the photos seem to show two different sets of wheels
- a standard Land Rover set and something else

The owner has been trying to sell this for a good long while with no
success; I suspect the the problem is that it doesn't appeal to the P5
enthusiast and it doesn't look especially practical as a 4x4 - at
least not at the mony he's been trying to find. The most recent asking
price is better than £16K, and apparently it cost in excess of £60K

In my eye the big issue is that the increased ride height screws up
the Coupé proportions so that it looks like a really bad chop job or
something from a demented Hotwheels designer; the Coupé  roof line
really requires a low ride height to keep the proportions looking
balanced - it may have worked better with the more upright saloon
body. As it stands it makes me think of an Armoured Personnel Carrier
with chrome (something to do with the green paint I think)


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