[ROVERNET - UK] Special shocks absorbers to tow

denlet denlet at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 26 19:28:24 GMT 2008


Can you give me your advice (or experience ) on my problem: I tow an old
trailer ( 1300 kg ) with my rover P6 3500 to go to meeting of old teams.
The rear of my rover is too low solo, more low with the trailer.
I bought a new head AL-KO (with pads like in brake calipers ) ,it's better
like that but not enough.
A friend fit 2 big leaf springs ,each side of the head of the trailer ,to
tow with a rover P5B, old solution and heavy.
Monroe had doing inflatable shocks absorbers: impossible to find in Europe.
My car have 100 000km:is it necessary to fit new rear spring.
Alone the high of the spring is right.I don't verified the high between
Second question: what do you think of polyuréthane bushes?is it better for
towing ? Is it more noisy inside the car ?

Au revoir           denis


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