[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 3500S availible in Massachusetts

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Thu Jul 3 12:47:34 BST 2008

I took lots of detail photos of this car yesterday -- let me know if you 
want to see them.  I talked to the driver of one of the
yard's trucks and he said that the owner's grandsons are responsible for 
the Rover and other cars in that part of the yard and they'll be back from
vacation next week.

Dirk Burrowes wrote:
> Hello All,
> I went and looked at a 3500S yesterday and wanted to let all know that a
> running but rusty P6 is available in Tauton, Mass for $1000. The car
> belonged to Set Coon who is on the Rover directory list Steve Manwell keeps.
> The car is missing the rear window and has typical rust in the sills and
> drivers side floor. It is Arden Green. It looks as though the brake system
> has been rebuilt and the pedal is at the top and appears OK. The trans
> shifts very nicely in and out of all gears. However I did not drive the car.
> It is scheduled to be junked and is with a car recycler now so it won't last
> long. I offered $400 and was told they get more for crushing the car. I have
> toooo many as is so I did not buy it.
> If anyone is interested give me a call and I will pass on phone numbers and
> I took some pictures as well. I may also be able to assist with collection
> of the car. I also would have a rear window for the car and I would give
> this to who ever bought the car.
> Pass this on and let's see if we can save a car.
> Dirk Burrowes
> 978-502-2289

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