[ROVERNET - UK] P6 2000 and SD1 from Italy for sale

Kent Kinard kkinard at att.net
Sat Jul 5 13:12:32 BST 2008

Hi Chris,
The car is interesting indeed.  I thought all Series 1 VDP (1981) had 
leather upholstery.  I have a set of seats like those pictured and am 
certain that they came from a Series 1 3500SE (1981).  This is the first 
LHD 1981 I have ever seen.  BL sent a test fleet of '81's to the US and 
my seats came out of one of those.  Ted Schumacker wound up with all of 
them under a contract that said they all had to be destroyed.  There 
can't have been too many LHD '81 VDP, but if I had to guess, I'd say the 
car was a modified SE.  I don't think the front spoiler was factory 
installed either.

Kent K.

Chris J Wilson wrote:
> Interesting cars, especially the SD1 VDP.
> It's definitely a S1.5 VDP, but it's been fitted with a Series 2 tailgate
> and what looks like Series 1 aircon controls on the centre panel. If I had
> to guess, I'd say that the aircon isn't factory fitted.
> You can also see the electric mirror controls have been moved from the
> centre panel to either side of the electric sunroof switch on the console.
> An interesting car, possibly with some local modifications.
> Chris

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