[ROVERNET - UK] Strange noise??

Ben Rodgers irishrover1 at sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 7 17:18:08 BST 2008

Hi Folks
         My 71 TC 2000 has developed a strange noise each time I turn off 
the ignition. It began a few days ago and the noise only last a sec or two, 
it seems to last a little longer after a long run 50 miles or so but if I 
start and stop it in the garage I still get a quick noise. . Difficult to 
describe a sound via email!!  I think its electrical and maybe inside the 
car or could be under the hood. Almost sounds like a solenoid buzz or a bad 
switch clicking on and off very fast perhaps the ignition switch. Its a fast 
light buzz that only lasts a few sec's Anyone experience anything like this 
or have any ideas where I should look???
                         Regards Ben.

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