[ROVERNET - UK] P6 2000 and SD1 from Italy for sale

Chris J Wilson chris at chris-wilson.org
Tue Jul 8 04:11:17 BST 2008

Hi Kent,

I never knew that about the US S1 VDPs. Very interesting.

The front spoiler, as far as I know, wasn't an option on these at all, and
didn't come in until the 82 S2 year. It certainly wasn't fitted on my
father's 81 3500SE, until he purchased it when the car was a couple of years
old. The reason that I said it wasn't a 3500SE would be the electric mirrors
and electric sunroof - the latter being harder to retrofit that the mirrors.

The 3500SE came with manual mirrors and a manual sunroof.

Also, the front bumper has the washers fitted, which didn't come with the
3500SE. The alloy wheels are brushed around the rims, rather than painted,
which is another VDP item.

It's certainly an unusual car, and sorry to sound incredibly geekish on
this, but my dad had an 81 3500SE for almost 20 years, and I've just added
an 81 VDP to my growing collection, so am enjoying driving it on an almost
daily basis right now.

One thing about driving SD1's daily is that you get a lot of looks. The
older guys stop and stare and I've had a few comments about how you never
see these on the road anymore. On Sunday, whilst out picking up a new
trailer, I spotted a beautiful old P4 driving around the countryside, and
just round the corner from home, I followed three (3!!!) TR8's off the
motorway - two convertibles and one coupe. It was nice following them around
the country lanes. The sound of not one, but four Rover V8's sounded
fantastic when everyone put their feet down through the lanes..



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Hi Chris,
The car is interesting indeed.  I thought all Series 1 VDP (1981) had 
leather upholstery.  I have a set of seats like those pictured and am 
certain that they came from a Series 1 3500SE (1981).  This is the first 
LHD 1981 I have ever seen.  BL sent a test fleet of '81's to the US and 
my seats came out of one of those.  Ted Schumacker wound up with all of 
them under a contract that said they all had to be destroyed.  There 
can't have been too many LHD '81 VDP, but if I had to guess, I'd say the 
car was a modified SE.  I don't think the front spoiler was factory 
installed either.

Kent K.

Chris J Wilson wrote:
> Interesting cars, especially the SD1 VDP.
> It's definitely a S1.5 VDP, but it's been fitted with a Series 2 tailgate
> and what looks like Series 1 aircon controls on the centre panel. If I had
> to guess, I'd say that the aircon isn't factory fitted.
> You can also see the electric mirror controls have been moved from the
> centre panel to either side of the electric sunroof switch on the console.
> An interesting car, possibly with some local modifications.
> Chris

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