[ROVERNET - UK] P6 2000 and SD1 from Italy for sale

Kent Kinard kkinard at att.net
Tue Jul 8 13:24:10 BST 2008

Chris J Wilson wrote:
> Hi Kent,
> I never knew that about the US S1 VDPs. Very interesting.
The cars that Ted had (I never saw them before they were crushed) were 
'81's, but I am trying to remember why I think of them as SE's, if I had 
any evidence or that was just an assumption.  The car from which I got 
the interior parts also had electric mirrors (I had the dash pad until I 
sold it with another car), though I don't know about the sunroof.  My 
assumption that it was an SE comes from the similar assumption that all 
VDP's had leather seats.  Since the car Ted parted out had the cloth 
seats as pictured, I assumed it was an SE.  Ted used to lurk on this 
list and his memory would certainly be better than mine.

Kent K.

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