[ROVERNET - UK] does anybody have?

Geff McCarthy geffandjulie at comcast.net
Wed Jul 9 04:13:13 BST 2008

My P6B is running without an alternator pulley safety shield also.  I had it
powder-coated...then lost it.  It is a safety device only, as far as I know.

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Hello Rovernetters, as I continue to put my alternator together, I have
discovered that I am missing the shroud that bolts to the alternator's
mounting bolts and keeps your fingers out of the fan.  This was fitted to a
1970 Rover P6B, a north american spec 3500S.  Does anybody have one that
they could spare?
   This thing is a metal band about 8 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches wide
with 2 mounting holes in it. Feel free to contact me at
gbbourque at hotmail.com

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