[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Engine Sidecover

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Wed Jul 9 21:28:10 BST 2008

>Ok, so my new one (RH) came in from England and those in the know 
>say to have it zinc plated
>and powder coated and it will never rust..

Just a word of caution if you do get it powder coated. The coating is 
inclined to flake at the bolt holes if you get any build up there, 
which leaves a raw edge for moisture to creep into the interface of 
the coating and the metal. Probably not a big deal, but if it were me 
I'd just be looking for a really heavy zinc plating (hot dip would be 
the best, not electroplated) and skip the powder coating.


>It looks like that will cost $80. Worth the price to me. My current 
>one which is weeping was put on the car during the engine rebuild 
>maybe  6-8 years ago. I don't want to have to replace another one.
>By the way, does anyone have a source for the small bolts that hold 
>the cover on to the block?
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