[ROVERNET - UK] Pertronix Ignition

Ben Rodgers irishrover1 at sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 14 19:36:03 BST 2008

Hi Folks
          I recently attended the "British Car Show Across the Bridge" held 
here on PEI. An interesting topic came up, Rotor Buttons and Pertronix. I 
now know of two other people who have had their rotor buttons fail while 
using Pertronix. Mind failed as I was loading the P5 on a Transporter going 
to Montreal. I'm curious to hear if anyone else has encountered this 
problem. For those now running pertronix it might be a good idea to have a 
spare rotor in the glove box. In my case the rotor cracked down one side, 
one of the others had a small hole appear on the top.
                                     Cheers Ben (irishrover)

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