[ROVERNET - UK] Death of Ron Jones

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It's always sad to hear of someone who has died.  It is also fortunate that you are able to setp in and prevent eveything being junked.


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> Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Death of Ron Jones
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> Date: Friday, July 18, 2008, 8:08 PM
> Hi Netters,
> Ron Jones passed away several weeks ago.  His daughter
> called me 
> offering all his stuff which I have now purchased to help
> with his 
> funeral expenses and her wedding.  I have not yet done an
> inventory, 
> indeed some of the items in storage have not been seen as
> of yet due to 
> legal requirements and the fact that Ron had not paid the
> bill since he 
> died.
> The P6B is a RHD export model (yes, I have sent Rudiger the
> numbers) 
> that is very solid with poor paint.  The story is that the
> car was 
> originally exported to Hong Kong.  It is equipped with an
> Australian 
> boot mounted A/C unit.  Ron added extra gauges, 3.9 litre
> engine and 
> 5spd trans.  The car has knock on wire wheels of a type
> with which I am 
> unfamiliar (three eared spinner with a safety hook that
> fits around a 
> spoke nipple...and of course, it has the Triplex glass
> roof.  The roof 
> is the one that Robert Arnold (Warbaby) has on his website.
>  Car is now 
> safely stored indoors at Medina.  Dirk says he has spent
> too much money 
> this year, so I may keep it.
> Ruth will get all the parts that are in boxes (which we
> have been led to 
> believe are considerable).  We may be able to get into the
> storage units 
> tomorrow.  More after we do so.
> Roverly,
> Kent K.
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