[ROVERNET - UK] P5B rostyle wheels wanted

linstead_paul at emc.com linstead_paul at emc.com
Sun Jul 20 03:45:26 BST 2008

And I want yours (well maybe, depending on what they are like)..... I'm
going to get this car back to as original condition as I can.  The
wheels need to be perfect.  If I can't get perfect wheels I do know that
I can get them restored in the UK, although I can't image what the
shipping cost would be.  Have you got any idea if there is anyone in the
US capable of doing this ?  I actually have 1 rostyle wheel.  It's the
spare from my MK1 Interceptor; but it's rusty so it definitely needs
some work.

Did rover do LHD coupes ?

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There are probably six or seven.  I have a Coupe, Dirk has two Coupes 
and a saloon (parts car).  There was one in Utah a couple of years ago.

The guy won't return my emails.  Chris had a really sad Coupe, but I 
haven't heard from him in a while.  There is a really nice Coupe in New 
York.  That's all the one's we know of, but there is a guy in the US who

owns one in Australia and he was going to bring it over.

I really want your wheels.

Kent K.

linstead_paul at emc.com wrote:
> My car had the rostyles changed for a set of the later Jensen alloys
> I have no idea what happened to the original rostyle wheels.  The
> currently on the car are in really nice condition but I feel they are
> not in keeping with the cars character so they need to go. I also have
> later FF2 (1970) but it's in a very sad shape.
> Are there many P5Bs in the US ?
> PL

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