[ROVERNET - UK] P5B rostyle wheels wanted

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The Jensen rostyle wheels are wider than the Rover P5B wheels.
Often P5B owners convert to Jensen wheels to allow for better handling and 
wider tyres.
If it were my Jensen Iwould be looking for a set of Jensen wheels....

John Turner

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> linstead_paul at emc.com wrote:
>> And I want yours (well maybe, depending on what they are like)..... I'm
>> going to get this car back to as original condition as I can.  The
>> wheels need to be perfect.  If I can't get perfect wheels I do know that
>> I can get them restored in the UK, although I can't image what the
>> shipping cost would be.  Have you got any idea if there is anyone in the
>> US capable of doing this ?
> We discussed this some time back.  The rivets have to be drilled out and
> the centers separated from the rims, the two pieces are then plated and
> the rim and center reassembled.  I'm sure someone in the US can do it.
> Nostalgia Hot Rodders have to do this with their old Ford wheels if they
> want them plated.  Us Roverphiles have the same problem with the 14"
> wheels on the P6's, many of which are Rostyles.  I really don't think I
> could put together five good ones from the nine that I have.
> Your best bet may be to have some shipped from the UK.  Try David Green
> at www.davidgreen-p5.co.uk
>>  I actually have 1 rostyle wheel.  It's the
>> spare from my MK1 Interceptor; but it's rusty so it definitely needs
>> some work.
>> Did rover do LHD coupes ?
> Yes, there is currently one for sale in the Netherlands.  Various others
> have survived in Scandinavia and Switzerland.  There is at least one in
> Italy.  Total production of LHD P5B Coupes was about 400 units over five
> years.
> Roverly,
> Kent K.
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