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Mon Jul 28 18:09:21 BST 2008


It is the same scrapeyard.
Lots of Land rovers and Range Rovers, and, if interested, Jag Xj6.

Best regards, Gianluca.

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Inviato: lunedì 28 luglio 2008 19.07
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Oggetto: R: [ROVERNET - UK] Italian P6 / ebay

 Thanks Rudiger,

	very kind of you.

It is a beautiful car, low mileage.

It is a scrapeyard, but the car doses have papers.
I' d like I had bought it at the beginning!

Have a look at this one.

Same car, same price, also with papers!

Best regards, Gianluca.

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Oggetto: [ROVERNET - UK] Italian P6 / ebay

Again a P6 from Italy - with low mileage

# 320278949258


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