[ROVERNET - UK] new P6 windshield on ebay US

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Thu Mar 6 16:48:33 GMT 2008

Eric Russell wrote:
> Gee,...... that sounds like a deal.
> However, that is $145.00 within the U.S.A.
> Still,....... you might bring it to me as checked
> baggage when you visit your inlaws?  ROFLMHO
> Eric
May be another 18 months before I have in-laws in Vancouver.

I would think bringing a P6 windshield to Vancouver would be like 
bringing coal to Newcastle.

ROFLMHO? Oh, you kids! Whatever happened to the King's English?



PS Anyone remember LSMFT? I want the original meaning, not the rude ones 
we thought up as kids.

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