[ROVERNET - UK] 2000 TC cars and parts for sale in Export, PA

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Fri Mar 7 01:02:04 GMT 2008

Johann Stamm in Export, PA is selling several 2000's and a van-load of 
parts -- a collection built up while owning and driving Rovers from 1967 
to 1995. 
Please contact Johann at 724-327-0376 or  johann at pghmail.com for more 

Here are  highlights from his description of the collection:

1. SC converted to TC main body solid.  Needs work on jack supports and 
fenders are rusted.  Engine rebuilt and used only 10-15K miles.
2. TC yellow with cloth sun roof, has some rust.  One could rebuild it.  
3. 2000SC with automatic body beyond repair.  Engine did run and 
transmission worked well last time used.
4. 2000TC, 1969<  Body damaged but straightened , is rusted, no seats.  
Could be restored.
5. 2000SC 4-speed possible to rebuild.  (1965)

TC engine, 32,000 miles from 1968, has been stored since 1978;  several 
transmissions & differentials;
Hoods, trunk lids, finders (some not rusted), rocker panels, left and 
right fiberglass rocker panels;
Several sets of struts in various condition;  Motor rebuilding tools, 
plus valve spacers (several sets); Other special tools.
Electrical parts.  New and Used;   Starters, generators, heaters;
Air condition system from SC;
Some new rubber parts;   Suspension parts;   New SC front disk
Front and rear bumpers
TC headers plus rebuild fixture;  SS Exhaust system parts
Front and rear springs
Several TC engines
Light fixtures plus plastic lens covers
Drive shafts and rear axial shafts;  Water pumps;  SU Carbs
Window glass;  Front and rear spindles
Clutch parts plus disks and pressure plates
Window washer pump and reservoir
Steering boxes
Arbor for turning brake disks on lathe
Used brake servos
Engine blocks, cranks, heads;  SC engines  --  2
Seats (at least 3 sets) front and rear in good condition.  Black , gray
Head Gaskets for SC engine.

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