[ROVERNET - UK] P6 windshield differences?

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I had the P6B screen break in 2002, probably a small rock in an extreme wind 
at the top of a hill.
POOM the screen cracked all over, but didn't fall in even though I was doing 
Once stopped I pushed the bits out and kept going to the next town, and 
bought a plastic temp screen.
Eventually I got a new tinted screen.


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> Well, certainly in the early days laminated windows were not necessarily a 
> safety improvement over a toughened window. In fact, given a small enough 
> impact area, say the top of your head (extreme) or your hand, it was 
> possible to puncture a laminated window and suffer very nasty lacerations 
> or near amputation. Another nasty feature was that laminated windows 
> tended to release short, small slivers of glass. OTOH, the big dangers of 
> the toughened window was the cloud of small rectangular glass pieces that 
> flew about, and, with the window gone completely, the danger of outside 
> things getting in or you being ejected from the car.
> I have suffered injuries from both styles over the years.
> Yours
> Vern
>>These are all windshields?  That is, they go on the front of the car?
>>Fact remains, they are all the same shape, tinted or not. Aftermarket 
>>windshields could be square or purple, but they will only fit the car if 
>>they conform to the factory dimensions.
>>I'm surprised that Rover would have installed an unlaminated windshield on 
>>a car they were selling as a safely designed vehicle. I can see the back 
>>window being non-laminated, but not the front windshield.
>>Does your book also show the heated rear window with the defroster wires 
>>built in?
>>Vern Klukas wrote:
>>>>Folks I have found the answer in the rover bibles.
>>>>I have factory parts manuals for 2000's (1966) 2200 (1975) & 3500 (1973)
>>>>There are FOUR windscreens listed They apply to all years of production
>>>>2 are heat treated #367195 clear  & #371796 tinted
>>>>2 are laminated    #371793 clear  & #371794 tinted
>>>>There is an additional pr in the 2200 manual for Norway
>>>>I would suggest the laminated screens which were not compulsory in 
>>>>Britain and were primarily for the American market where I think they 
>>>>were required.
>>>Exactlly right, though laminated screens were also promoted for the home 
>>>market as a safety upgrade.
>>>I wonder if Peter may of gotten his impression of different screens 
>>>because the rear and front screens are close in size and shape, unlike 
>>>most cars where the rear is markedly different from the front.
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