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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Thu Mar 13 05:14:53 GMT 2008

>I have been working on restoring a Sun Distributor Tester Model 500 
>for a few weeks. I currently have it functioning about 75%. I am 
>looking for two items to finish things off. One ,is a meter movement 
>that measures 5 7/8" X 4 3/4". It doesn't matter what the face says, 
>I can change that. Even one with a broken glass is acceptable. The 
>other item, which I have very little hope to find, is a replacement 
>mechanical vacuum pump. It is a very tiny thing that runs off of the 
>drive mechanism.

Do you have a picture of what this pump is supposed to look like?


>So, if any of you have a meter wanting a place to do some good, let me know.
>I have tried to send this several times over the past few days and 
>then remembered - new computer, turn off the HTML dummy!
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