[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Vacuum servo ???s

phing phing at videotron.ca
Mon Mar 17 00:58:30 GMT 2008

 I finally stripped the vacuum servo / slave cylinder assembly today .Sods Law was operating in overdrive ;this was the one item I 
could have left undisturbed . Everything was in good condition BUT :there  seems to be a problem with the white  plastic one way 
valve in the vacuum chamber body . This valve sits at 10 oclock looking on the back face of the servo
 The grid surface on  the inside face of the   white plastic  valve  was covered with a piece of masking tape .Thus ensuring  that 
nothing would flow through the valve in either direction . Removing the tape allowed air to flow in one direction.
1] Should the valve be blanked off ?? or did someone forget to remove the tape when the valve was fitted ??
2] Where can I find a Child's Guide to the P6 vacuum servo operating system ?? I don't understand how the master cylinder , airvalve 
, servo and slave cylinder operate together
Looking on the bright side I will soon have all the parts needed to start re assembly , before Spring  .

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