[ROVERNET - UK] Websites with links to RSTCA website

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sat Mar 22 06:48:34 GMT 2008

Peter Huttemeier wrote:
> Shall I change our website link from RSTCS to RoverNA?
> Cheers,
> Peter H

Yes, please, Peter.  If anyone reading this is a webmaster, please 
update any links you had to the RSTCA.com website. Most of the pages 
that a existed at the old site are now present at the new RoverNA.com 
website in another form along with a fair amount of new content. Any 
link to the RSTCA.com domain will bring up a page informing the reader 
that RoverNA.com is the successor site to the RSTCA.com site. A link is 
provided to the RoverNA.com home page. The old RSTCA pages themselves 
have been removed from the RSTCA.com server and are no longer available. 
Please update any links on your websites.

The Rover Automobile Resource Site for North America (RoverNA.com) is 
not a membership organization or a business. It would be nice to be 
"linked to" but it's up to you how you categorize the link.

There is some copyrighted RSTCA content being used for commercial 
purposes on a server I will not mention. The use of this material is 
unauthorized, and I would appreciate it if you would remove your links 
to RSTCA material at this site.

Glen Wilson
The Rover Automobile Resource Site for North America

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