[ROVERNET - UK] $15k 3500S on eBay

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sat Mar 22 07:02:56 GMT 2008

Item number: 110234307477

31 bids so far at around $3500 USD.   12 bidders

Anyone know this car? Seller seems well intention, although this is the 
first item he's ever listed on eBay. Apparently $15,000 was spent on 
restoration in 1993 and it was painted Porsche red. Off the road past 
six years. Not currently drivable, but no details offered. No pictures 
of engine. Interior mistakenly listed as mint leather, but it's Ambla 
with cracks or splits in the driver's seat.

I think this guy is an honest seller doing his best, but it sure does 
point out some of the difficulties of buying at long distance from 
someone who is not all that familiar with the car.


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