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David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
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Oz experiences .....
Here in the bush, many outlet's underground tanks are filled less often, 
resulting in water condensate settling in the tanks as they "breathe".
Very common to pick up a dirty fuel load. Many a stranded petrol vehicle 
has been revived purely by clearing out the water in the system.

Bush fix is to tip a cup full of methylated spirits in with every tank 
fill to emulsify any water deposit. This also keeps the fuel tank from 
rusting out!

Often vehicles filled to capacity will vent raw fuel in the heat of day.

South Oz.

Anthony LaVigna wrote:
> Following up on the other items, service station tanks in our area are
> buried deep, below the frost line. Ground temperatures at that level are
> essentially constant and do not vary with the outside temperature. Of
> course, the surface pumps and hosing could increase the temperature but I
> doubt that the outside temperature warms the storage tanks.
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> 1.  Bowsers in Australia are temperature compensated now.
> 2.  I cannot use high speed on a P6!
> 3. You are going to displace the evaporation either way, half full filled 
> twice, or empty filled once.  Can't see the difference.

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