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David Walker concinnity at woosh.co.nz
Wed Mar 26 23:22:29 GMT 2008

-And so they had 15" minilites.14"minilites were fitted to some Police P6s 
for the same reason .I was offered a set 20 years ago for 50 quid,the guy 
selling had 14" P6 wheels and 15"SD1 wheels.I regret not buying a set but I 
would have had to get them back to NZ from the UK.Incidentally, brake 
cooling is not often given as a reason for putting alloys on cars but in my 
experience that ,and with it the reduction in pad and disc wear, is good 
reason,on it's own, for fitment of alloys .
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> On 3/25/08, Chris J Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.org> wrote:
>> One thing that stands out with these is that he thinks they're from a 
>> Police SD1. Not unless SD1's used 14" Minilites they're not.
> The Metropolitan Police used Miniltes on some of their cars and
> perhaps other forces. This was apparently due to some revisions to the
> braking systems on the traffic cars which meant the factory wheels
> wouldn't fit - something to do with getting proper brake cooling on a
> hard driven SD1 in London traffic
> Aidrian
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