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Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Thu Mar 27 07:24:56 GMT 2008

re:  Practical Classics

MagazinesAl Al wrote:
> This was the April edition. I'm in the US and have a subscription
> going. Best $100 that I spend.

Well, the best $12 that I'm spending is going toward  twelve issues of 
Hemmings "Sports & Exotic Car" magazine due to the current Rover content 
in the April issue!

On page 14, there's a full-color half-page photo of me and David 
LaChance shaking hands over the hood of an April Yellow 2000TC. 
Actually, David wrote the article about a car he picked up from me in 
Pennsylvania. There's a second picture on the same page that stars ME ME 
ME !!!  It's all going to my head, as Steve Dibdin had feared.  There's 
also an article called "A Rover Finds a Home" on page 84 of the big 
"Hemmings Motor News" collector's bible for April, thanks to David.

All joking aside, when was the last time you saw an article about Rovers 
in a U.S. publication? I think it's pretty cool, and David says we can 
expect updates as the car undergoes its restoration. It's in the 
Hemmings garage right now, and the magazine has given David a blank 
check to finance a ground up restoration. Right, David?  ( NOT !!!)

I'm working on a web page concerning this '68 TC that suffered a 
transmission failure and sat in a suburban garage in Falls Church, VA 
from 1976 until 2006 when Tony Lavigna and Jose Scoseria helped me get 
the brakeless car down the steep driveway and onto a trailer. It was an 
adventure, to be sure, but we all have lots of experience pushing old 
Rovers around, don't we?

I was very pleasantly impressed with "Sports & Exotic Car" magazine. 
It's not all British, but it is full of interesting vintage "foreign" 
cars. The photos and production values are second to none, and it's 
amazing that you can subscribe to this 100-page magazine for twelve 
issues for $12 using the little forms that fall out of it. However, I 
had no luck finding it on the newsstand. This month's cars include  
Porsche 914-6 vs Dino 246GTS, Alfa GTV vs. Lancia Flavia, Ferrari 250 
Testa Rossa, '77 Toyota Celica twin-cam, early VW Scirocco. Articles on 
the London-Brighton Run, collector car insurance, Bertone's Stratos, an 
MGB rstoration, vintage racing, and other stuff.


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