[ROVERNET - UK] Re: 3500s for sale on ebay in NY

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Fri Mar 28 16:55:03 GMT 2008

Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:
> I don't recall ever seeing another NADA 3500S with the black vinyl on the C-pillars.  Was that an available option when new, or is this car likely to have been modified after the fact?
> Geoff
Not an option. Modified is a generous term since all you need to do is 
remove about six screws to make the change. In the USA, the black ones 
only came on the very last plastic-grilled TC's imported. I have a pair 
in my attic. No matter how many Rover parts I sell, there always seem to 
be a few more lurking around...

Rudiger, is that VIN a very late number, by any chance?


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