[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 3500S C pillars

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sat Mar 29 12:09:35 GMT 2008

Magnet wrote:
> The 1970 3500S that I recently bought from my son also has the black 
> vinyl C pillars.  He was the second owner of the car, and I very much 
> doubt if the first owner made any mods...  he wasn't that type.  
> Perhaps it was an option for cars destined for Canada?


If it's a VERY, VERY late VIN, I suppose they might have come out of the 
parts bin at the factory, but the chances of that are miniscule if for 
no other reason that the standard sail panels would have been cheaper 
and were probably painted with the rest of the car's panels to match the 

It's only a couple of screws to change them. A monkey could do it or 
could afford to pay some other monkey to do it for them.

If anyone has pics of P6 body panels being painted at the factory, it 
would be interesting to look at them with a magnifying glass and see if 
they painted the sail panels at the same time.


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