[ROVERNET - UK] specs for USA and Canada

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sat Mar 29 15:43:17 GMT 2008

Steven Dibdin wrote:
> Hi All,
> This raises a question I've been meaning to ask. Was there a standard model of radio fitted to P6s? I've bought a period Becker Europa to fit into my 2000TC as I wanted something that would not look out of place. I'm thinking of rear parcel shelf speakers (its a stereo radio which I can modify to attach my iPod to).
> Any veiws from teh world of RoverNet?
> Cheers,
> Steven


The one in the 3500S brochure looks like it has a little BL insignia 
followed by the word Rover printed on the dial. The 1969 2000TC brochure 
shows the same radio. I had a 67/68 TC that came with a period Blaupunkt 
radio that had magical seek function. You could push a button and it 
would automatically move up or down the dial and lock onto the next 
station. It was all clockwork with little motors and strings to move the 
little needle. Frankly, it was the coolest thing about the whole car, 
and I almost stole it before I sold it on.  Wish I had, now!  Norm, are 
you out there?


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