[ROVERNET - UK] Response to Glen's well intended comments

Netspace vmitps at netspace.net.au
Sat Mar 29 21:32:38 GMT 2008

> "Even in 1964, NADA P6's had foot dimmers. "
> I'm sure the '64 Mustang did as well...but eventually things evolve...so I 
> am not sure what your point is  ....most of the P6B cars had foot 
> dimmers....but I have one that does not...and never did.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Random processes never produce complex systems, or improvements to them. 
Richard Dawkins could not name one instance of an observed mutational 
improvement to an organism when asked.

P6s and P6Bs had stalk dimmers, the foot dimmers were a US thing.  It sounds 
like the Canadian market was getting virtually standard LHD P6Bs.
P4s had foot dimmers as standard.  Not relevant, but great machines.


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