[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S specs for USA and Canada

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I agree with that.
The swimming pool I go to can't even match its advertised lanes to what you 
get, because the pool staff do no talk to the front counter.
A brochure does not always match the parts bins on the line...


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> Glen asks
> "How could they send a car out like that ???Easy , they just did it ! 
> Despite the tag line " One of Britain's fine cars "Rovers in the 60's and 
> 70's  were not put together by members of a Utopian craftspersons' guild. 
> managed by the Arch Angel Gabriel  . The average production line worker in 
> the UK at this period was a stroppy , up your's mate , guy ; the 
> management was terminally useless [ remember screaming Lord Stokes of 
> British Leyland fame ? ]. You would be lucky to get a car with all four 
> corners the same colour , vinyl covered C columns would be a bonus
> This is why the industry developed a well deserved a reputation for rock 
> bottom workmanship and awful quality .Add to this the parts supply 
> problems and it's obvious that what came out of the factory did not 
> necessarily bear too much resemblence to the official descriptions from 
> Rover PR and advertising .Tryung to define " original P6 "40 years on is 
> futile . However I'm ready to subscribe to a fund to buy Glen a Rover 
> Anorak .
> Cheers
> Patrick

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