[ROVERNET - UK] TC200 and Singer for sale in PA

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Sun Mar 30 05:43:22 BST 2008

Very nice! Is that a vinyl top? Too bad that I already have too many vehicles and no longer live in the Pittsburg area. On the other hand I still have cousins and friends there and I am going back for a Hi School reunion in 2010 -Hmmm!

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From: peter king <peter at king-co.com>
> Hi all,
> I stumble upon this yesterday:
> A TC2000 for sale in PA, supposedly 43k miles on the car, factory AC.  
> The car belonged to an English man who passed away, and his estate is  
> being handled by a fellow (and a lawyer, I suppose) who has listed it  
> on a local want ad.
> I spoke to to the fellow who's handling it today, and he says the guy  
> had a warehouse full of stuff, including a couple of Triumphs and a  
> Sunbeam and this Rover.
> The car starts and runs, but apparently has a problem with fuel pump.  
> Don't know about the condition of the interior.
> (Rudiger,  if you see this, I asked for the serial number, and he has  
> sent a note to the son in the UK for that info.)
> Here's the number of the guy who posted the Ad.  724-423-1408
> I posted the pictures he sent me here:
> http://www.king-co.com/1967tc2000
> Peter
> Oh, and if you really want to have some fun, check this out, also for  
> sale in PA (Huntington), asking $2,000.
> http://community.webtv.net/fairydustglows1982/1960singer
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