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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Mon May 5 22:27:01 BST 2008

>I've posted and it keeps coming back as a failure to 
>deliver.........Is it like Elvis and Return to Sender......LOL 
>Anyway i'll repost in hopes of getting some responses
>Hi I've got the block stripped and cleaned, removed the core or 
>freeze plugs, etc............i'm wondering how many of you have 
>rebuilt your v8.........reason i'm asking is the Tuning V8 book 
>recommends drilling the block at the front of the lifter valley to 
>aid in timing chain lubrication..........Have any of you done this 
>and are there any other little aids i should know about before i 
>start to rebuild it, and is this lifter preload rocket science like 
>some of the tips i've read or is it fairly straight forward.....also 
>any tips on degreeing the cam and reinstalling the core plugs

If the core plugs are std "welsh" type (I.e. either flat with a bit 
of a concavity or lipped), I don't think any sealant is required, 
just make sure everything is nice and clean. But it's been a long 
time since I've changed one of those so I'll let the more experienced 
chime in.


>........i'm thinking silicone is not the right way to go on the plugs
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