[ROVERNET - UK] Thanks to all

LANCE G LACERTE, LANCE G LA CERTE lacpsyd6 at msn.com
Sun May 18 14:47:04 BST 2008

Once again Rovernet has saved my rear end --- literally!!!!  Thanks to all 
who provided input while I wrestled that 150lb alligator of a differential 
into the rear of the P6B, rebuilt the rear calipers and actually got the 
brake lines bled-----there is no doubt in my mind that the engineers who 
stuck the rear bleed valve up where he did (couldn't have been a female 
engineer, I'm sure she would have done it much better!!!!!) should have 
their private parts waved at the Queen after being slathered in 

Lance La Certe, '70 'Federal' 3500S 

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