[ROVERNET - UK] Rovernet moving

Robert Arnold webgeezer at warbaby.com
Tue May 20 08:44:23 BST 2008

It's a double yes for me, as well.

(Who has been Roverless for quite awhile, therefore with nothing much 
to say, but lurking faithfully nonetheless)

>I have two questions to ask of the subscribers.
>(Most important):
>1.  When it is time to move the list, are you
>interested in being moved over to the new list?
>(Less important)
>2.  If you are willing to be (perhaps temporarily)
>subscribed to the new test list, please let me know.
>It would help me test and learn a new system.  I
>haven't had to administer the operation before. You
>would receive some test messages and it would be
>useful if you just replied to say that you received
>them.  This wouldn't happen too often.


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