[ROVERNET - UK] Rovernet moving

Franc Buxton fab at jeengineering.co.uk
Tue May 20 17:10:44 BST 2008

Eric Russell wrote:
> [...]
> I have two questions to ask of the subscribers.
> (Most important):
> 1.  When it is time to move the list, are you
> interested in being moved over to the new list?
> *****NOTES:****
> [...]
> If you are agreeable, you don't have to respond to
> this message.
> If you *do not* want to be subscribed to the new list,
> please say so:  <p6rovers at yahoo.com>
> *************************
> (Less important)
> 2.  If you are willing to be (perhaps temporarily)
> subscribed to the new test list, please let me know.

	Well, since everyone has responded despite the notes above ;>))
I will respond yes and yes too!


Franc Buxton
IT and Electronic Development Manager
J.E.Engineering Ltd, Coventry.

Die dulci fruimini

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