[ROVERNET - UK] Rover P6 for sale, Los Angeles, CA

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 00:32:30 BST 2008

Hello all,
Message just received from a person from California
wishing to sell her car.  If you have any offers or
ideas to help her, either let her know, me know, or
the list know.

I’m doing a bit of researching and was hoping you can
offer advice or some sort of idea
I have a 1968 Rover
2000 automatic and it’s here in the state of
California, running condition. Body needs some work.
But would you happen to have an idea what it’s
just an idea or maybe know of someone that would
have an idea.
Any information would be appreciated. I really need to
sell it soon, but I’m not sure if I should fix the
body to get more moneys worth out of it.

Thank you,

Violet Dawi
email:  vdawi at nohotoyota.com

Webmaster of The Rover Car Club of Canada
Website:  http://www.roverclub.ca/
Webmaster of a variety of sites from:


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