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Ray Wilkins raymond.wilkins at bigpond.com
Thu May 22 12:01:37 BST 2008

Goodness what a response. I'm not sure if Eric is keeping tabs on all the
replies but as everyone else appears to have replied I guess I better also
reply in the affirmative!

Ray Wilkins
1976 P6B
Melbourne, Australia

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The company who is paying the bill for the Rovernet
mailing list site is New Information Paradigms or NIP
Ltd. in the UK.  They are running it from one of their
web domains called <ccdata.com>. They would like to
sell that domain name and they have asked us to move.

In anticipation of that move, I have reserved the
domain <rovernet.ca> as a locating home page for a new
location.  The problem is how to seamlessly move that
database of 308 names and email addresses to a new
location and the present archives of messages.
Currently, the systems administrator of the
<roverclub.ca> website and a few other sites which I
manage, has been unhelpful in the extreme.  All
aspects of the move will have to be up to me and the
systems administrator of our current list in the UK. 
He is willing to help.

I am working out the technical details of a move. I
need to determine if it is possible to move the
Rovernet membership database as a block or do I have
to type in individual names and addresses separately.

I'd like to be able to also move the archives as a
block.  The current problem is that I can't "see" the
folder on my test site.  I have asked the UK admin
chap if the archives can be exported to another form. 
I am awaiting an answer.

Linda and I will be leaving on May 29 for a trip to
the car show in Massachusetts and then on to the
Maritime provinces, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto
before returning home in mid-July.  I don't plan a
Rovernet move before that date.

I have set-up a new "Rovernet-CANADA" test site.  I
have entered my three email addresses and the system
seems to work.

I have two questions to ask of the subscribers.
(Most important):
1.  When it is time to move the list, are you
interested in being moved over to the new list?

You may have to enter your personal options and reset
such options as "digest only" or anything else you
have selected.
You may or may not receive an automatic notice to
confirm your membership.
If you are agreeable, you don't have to respond to
this message.
If you *do not* want to be subscribed to the new list,
please say so:  <p6rovers at yahoo.com>
(Less important)
2.  If you are willing to be (perhaps temporarily)
subscribed to the new test list, please let me know.
It would help me test and learn a new system.  I
haven't had to administer the operation before. You
would receive some test messages and it would be
useful if you just replied to say that you received
them.  This wouldn't happen too often.

It could be that better access to the files of the
mailing list will be required and I have to establish
the list on a site which specializes in running this
"Mailman" mailing list.

Eric Russell
List Manager

Webmaster of The Rover Car Club of Canada
Website:  http://www.roverclub.ca/
Webmaster of a variety of sites from:


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