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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Sat May 24 17:52:49 BST 2008

Hi, I don't usually do this due to the commercial
advertising nature, but here is an email I just
received.  The attached pictures to this email showed
some nice looking models - not cheap, but nice.

The website link will bring you to the Rover models.


I found your address on the internet.  I thought you
may be interested in my latest model which is a Rover
P5B Coupe 1/43rd scale hand built white metal model. 
I can build them in practically any colour with
personalised number plates.  The models are very
detailed and include separate chrome headlights and
side lights with lenses, indicators, door handles,
rear lights, number plate and boot handle, double or
single chrome tail pipe, filler cap, air intake grille
on bonnet.  Interior (any colour) includes mirror, sun
visors, dash, steering wheel, gear stick, seats with
or without headrests.  

The price is £95 including postage.  

My web site address is www.kennamodels.co.uk   I also
have an Ebay Shop which shows everything I have
currently in stock, but I am always spraying and
building models in other colours.  

I hope this will be of interest to you and your club

Yours sincerely 

Pete Kenna  

petekenna at freenetname.co.uk 

Tel/Fax:  01327 260835 

Webmaster of The Rover Car Club of Canada
Website:  http://www.roverclub.ca/
Webmaster of a variety of sites from:


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