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Mon May 26 18:20:04 BST 2008

Hi Steven,

Sounds like you are having fun. I hope the car was not too big a disapointemnt? I thought that it was worth restoring, when I saw it. I'm sure it will be great when you are done.

My latest toy is a 67 Porsche 912. It was a one owner car that has not been driven since 1982. It belonged to a friend, that passed away. I had helped him pull the engine and transaxle about a year before he died. I was sxheduled to go back to Calif. to help him put it back together about a month after he  died. He couldn't remember why he had stopped driving it. I bought it from his Daughter (also a good friend). I mentioned that he couldn't remember why he had stopped using it. She said, "He should have asked me, I was driving it when it died". It was stuck in 1st gear. I bought another transaxle for $400. I am going to put new cylinders and pistons in it. The heads are already done. It is right at 99,000 miles. The body work is 98 percent done, almost ready for painting. A nice Bermuda Yellow. Should be a great car. I hope to drive it back to Pittsburg in 2010 for a hish school reunion. The 912 should get decent milage, 1720 cc with the new 86 mm cylinders.

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From: Steven Dibdin <sdibdin at hotmail.com>
> Hi Slats,
> Sounds entertaining! Not sure if would like to try that in Suburban NJ! Even 
> though the nut's still on there.
> SD-
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