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Tue May 27 14:40:37 BST 2008

Hi Ben,

		very kind of you.

Do you think the problem is the same?

If you want i'll send you the photos off - line.

Please try to remenber that name and let me know, it would be fantastic!

Bes regards, Gianluca.

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Hi Gianluca
               I had problems with my P5 Mk3 4sp with overdrive. The main problem was the ball part at the bottom of the shift lever being badly worn and loose. I eventually made one up, not perfect but it did work. While I was doing this I learned of a chap in New Zealand who had machined new ones that matched the original part. I no longer remember his name but perhaps someone else on the net will know who I'm referring to. The most important and difficult part is lining up the rod-selector that runs forward from the lever ball to the gear box. Once you have that right everything will work as it should but it takes a lot of trail and error to get there.
                    regards Ben (irishrover)

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